We have a small patch of raspberry canes in our garden, I love having them as they're one of my favourite kinds of berries. Several mornings this summer I've gone out a picked a handful to have at breakfast, I love growing my own food, pretty much, haha.

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What's your favourite Summer fruit?

(also, am going to be using 720 pixels wide photos from now on. xo)


  1. They're my favourite too. I wish I had a plant. Lucky you!

    Rufus ✞

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  2. Yum, they look amazing!
    I can't wait for summer, I think rock or honey dew melon would be my favourite :)

  3. I love love love guava forever and ever :)
    But I also really enjoy any type of berry.


  4. it's so amazing that you can pick your own fruits :)
    I really like melons but I'm from argentina and it's definitely winter here

  5. so cool!! i love cherries.. oohh and cantaloupes too! :D

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  6. I love it too. But it's hard to find it here because don't have the right weather for it and the only place that have it is on the neighboor of my friend's house, but thw owner don't like us to take raspberries at all! HAHAHA

  7. i love stranberrys, but i love it too

  8. I love fruit!!! Exp. raspberry and Strawberry!

    xx fesi-fashion

  9. oh, these look delicious. raspberries are the best.

    the only thing i grow is strawberries and usually the rabbits eat them all! D: