TUTORIAL: Glittered Heels

What You Will Need:

• Your chosen pair of shoes
• Newspaper
• Tacky Glue (or some similar glue)
• Two paintbrushes (one small, and one medium sized)
• Loose glitter
• Mod Podge

Step #1

I did this project sitting on the floor, and working over newspaper in an attempt to not get so much glitter on the floor; it wasn't entirely successful, but it certainly helped in not making such a mess. I used a pair of 3-year-old pink heels I bought at Zellers for my project, as they didn't matter much if it didn't go as planned, but it did, so happy days, haha.

Take your medium sized paintbrush and paint on a layer of tacky glue, not too thick though, or else it will take a while to dry. You can paint the entire shoe in a coat of glue, or paint a bit on, glitter it, and repeat until the entire shoe is glittered. I did the latter, painting a patch of the shoe with glue, sprinkling glitter over it, and repeating. When doing this is gently press the glitter into the layer of glue while it's wet to help it stick better.


After the first glittering:

Step #2

Add a little more glue with the medium OR small brush, and then glitter. Do this to any spots on the shoe where the original colour is showing so the shoe can be completely covered in glitter. I did this 2 or 3 times, I never glittered the entire shoe again, just the spots that weren't completely covered. Also, if any of the edges around where your foot goes into the shoe are bare, make sure to glitter them, as well.

2013 EDIT: Going against what I wrote in this tutorial re: glittering the edges around where your foot goes into the shoe, I would advise against this. Leave about 1cm bare of glitter around the top edge of the shoes, see photo example.

Step #3

Paint the entire shoe, carefully, with Mod Podge using the larger brush. Mod Podge, if you haven't heard of it, is a sealer. It has a fairly thin consistency, no strong scent, and is safe to use indoors. I wasn't sure if it would work on these, but it ended working very well. You want to put on a fairly thin layer, but make sure all the glitter is covered and looks about as mine do in the photos below. And don't worry, it goes on white, but dries clear, and I found it took about about 4-5 hours to dry completely on my shoes.

The final coat of glitter (left), and right after a coat of Mod Podge sealer (right).

Both shoes coated in Mod Podge:

I only needed one coat of sealer on my shoes, but it could depend on the glitter and how much sealer you apply, but one coat should do the trick in most cases. I almost forgot to mention why the sealer is important, but it's important because it seals the glitter, and helps prevent too much from falling off the shoes, though a little bit still probably will.

Once the sealer has dried, the shoes should be ready to wear! But I wouldn't advise wearing them anytime when they might get very wet (ie. stepping in puddles, pouring rain, etc).


Good luck!