Well, yesterday was the final day of spring 2011, in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway. As I've said, slowly the weather is getting nicer, more flowers are blooming in the garden, and everything's just getting more summery, haha.

We have one rose plant in our garden which surprisingly loves where it's growing and gets some lovely roses during the summer. This is the first of 2011, and it has the most beautiful scent!

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This is the other end of our garden, I don't know what you call the tree on the left side. It almost looks tropical. But it isn't, I don't think, anyhow.

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Don't mind the hose flopped out on the grass, need to make sure everything gets enough water!

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I know I keep saying it over and over, but this really is my favourite time of the year as far as how our garden looks. Everything's blooming and lush and lovely.