There are so many things that inspire me. Not just typical fashion things, but books, photography of nature, even cute houses and cities or towns. I can get inspiration from almost anywhere, which I feel very lucky to be able to do!

I love photos of lovely small towns like this one in England. Some place where you could go and browse in a bookshop and pop into a small cafe for tea.

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I love walking in the relative solitude of a country lane. Listening to the birds chirping and admiring the pretty wild roses which decorate the sides of the street.

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I love sitting alone outside on the porch looking over to the city lights in the distance at night listening to the cars on the nearby highway. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo for this one.

All of those things are inspiring, and well, just nice to me. Something quiet and minor, but still nice and enjoyable. But back to the usual topic of this blog, fashion, or rather, style. I thought I would show you all a couple of pieces of clothing which I just absolutely love and find inspiring to my summer style.

As I've said recently, I'm feeling more and more drawn to a more feminine and lady like style. One of the best websites I've found for clothing of this sort is They have scads of classic blouses and lovely dresses to look through. And although the shipping to Canada would be an absolute no go, it's still fun to look at their online shop and get some inspiration and ideas!

Right now, I love blouses, button down shirts, peter pan collars, and anything in lovely light colours such as cream, peach, or light sea foam blue.

This dress almost epitomises the sort of style I am loving at the moment. It's classic, feminine, and almost a bit granny-ish, if it weren't for the length.

I remember reading in an issue of Cosmopolitan how guys supposedly don't like shirts or dresses with bows on the front, such as this one. But I say, leave it up to the girls, guys. Unless you actually know what you're talking about and not just advocating that all girls wear the most revealing, tacky clothing you possibly could imagine, just leave it to us, please.

As for dresses which are dressier, I love this one. It's nearly the same colour as the dress above, but would be much more suited to wear to a semi-formal occasion. It reminds me a bit of 1960's fashion with it's loose fit and long sleeves. I love the beaded embroidery on the body of the dress, and that it is exclusive to the body and cuffs of the sleeves. It looks nice and delicate and isn't too much which I think it may have been had the entire sleeves been embroidered, also.

This shirt is a very similar style to the first dress above, but because it is obviously shorter in length could be worn with a nice pair of tight jeans or a body hugging pencil skirt. I love the shade of cream it is, one of my favourites colours, that is!

I normally don't like sleeveless shirts with collars, but I just adore this one! I think it's because instead of a traditional collar, it's small and rounded. Peter pan collars like the one this shirt are my favourite, but I've yet to find a nice shirt with this sort of collar. I'd like to find a shirt just like this one, but I'm not sure how likely it is I will. Nevertheless, I'm going to keep looking!

Now, as far as shoes go, I always like something simple and classic which adds to my outfit, but doesn't command all the attention. Which is why I simply love classic heels like these. They're black as black suede comes, have a sensible but still very stylish heel height of about 9.5cm, and they could be worn with jeans and a nice shirt when you're just going out and about or worn with a fancy dress to a cocktail party.

As for jewellery and accessories, I never wear much of either. I like a very simplistic look and I don't like to clutter it up, per se, with jewellery and other accessories. I rarely wear necklaces, but my favourite kind to wear are plain, classic gold chains. They're delicate and nice, and add a little something to your overall look, but at the same time they don't add too much.

And finally, hair inspiration. I would have to say I think my biggest inspiration in that department right now is Brigitte Bardot. Her perfectly backcombed beehives and big hair is truly ideal. I've always loved big hair, and Brigitte's is the perfect example of brilliantly done big hair.

Can't you just imagine wearing a lovely dress, a pair of simple heels and having nicely backcombed hair whilst wandering round a charming little town, browsing through book and charity shops? It would be absolutely ideal to me.

And I know I've been doing a lot of inspiration posts lately and so this may be my last one for a little while. I just felt the need to do one more and share some of my biggest inspiration right now in a more specific way than I have lately.

Hope everyone's having a good day!