Now that summer is officially here and the weather in Victoria is slowly getting nicer, I think it's time I do a little post about some of my current style inspirations.

In the past couple of weeks I've been posting photos from when I was younger and a bit about how I dressed then, and you've all seen, I'm always slightly altering my style and changing it up a bit to suit how I feel at the time.

Lately I've been feeling drawn to a more feminine and classic look. I've always thought classic glamour was the most beautiful. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot are all definitely style icons to me! Especially Marilyn, even when I was very little I loved her blonde hair, red lipstick, and glamourous gowns.

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Now that I'm a bit older, I don't feel the need to plan my way of dressing round trying to fit in. It's truly freeing as there are no real rules as to what you can or cannot wear. Looking back I really don't understand the fuss over trying to look a certain way which usually ended up looking contrived anyhow! Although, I suppose it's all just part of growing up.

For the last little while I've been just loving button down shirts, classic cardigans, and simple platform heels. I found a lovely, fitted, white button down shirt at a thrift shop not too long ago and it's one of my favourite things right now. Pair it with a pair of tight jeans, black heels, a bit of red lipstick and a messy updo and you're set! Simple, classic, but still charming.

I also love trench coats lately. I have a black one that I've had for years, but I'm still searching for an nice one in a light colour, preferably beige, I think. I don't usually follow trends but I just love a nice trench coat.

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Every summer I say I'm going to wear less makeup, or more natural makeup, but I never end up sticking with it. I suppose this is another thing which has been with me for a long time. As a little girl I adored putting on lipstick and eye shadow and parading round with my friends in our little fashion shows. These days, I mostly stick with Amy Winehouse influenced eyeliner and my Rimmel Coral Queen red lipstick, forgoing the blue eye shadow and hot pick blusher, haha.

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I'm yet to bring my summer things down from the attic, but I think I will do it either this week or weekend and then I can really begin to dress for summer. I can't wait to actually go through my things which have been packed away for months and see what I have to work with!