I've had a bunch of people ask me over the past little while what lipstick I wear, and my answer's always the same: Coral Queen (620) by Rimmel London.

It's a lovely red, and actually suits my skin tone, was always hard to find the right shade of red for me, but this one is perfect.

It's part of their Moisture Renew line. I've found it actually does exactly what it's supposed to, it doesn't feel dry whilst you're wearing it and it doesn't seem to dry out my lips at all afterwards! In addition, it's quite inexpensive, and can likely be found at most drug shops since Rimmel is a fairly common brand!

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Definitely a favourite of mine!



  1. I'm all about lipsticks, this one looks lovely on you. Tempted to pick some up and test it out.

  2. Love your little personal review of the lipstick haha. I really wanna try some new lipstick and I absolutely love that color on you. Will definitely take a look.

  3. i love red/coral lipstick. would love to see a close up of it on you!

    sarah rose

  4. its a gorgeous colour :D btw, how old are you? you seem very young and very mature at the same time! X

  5. I have a few photos of myself wearing it that I took over the weekend I will post soon. Not extremely close up, but much more so than in the outfit photos I usually post! And I'm seventeen, doll. x

  6. This lipsitck is gorgeus! I'd love to have one, but Rimmel is not selled in my contry :( That's sad.

    xx Tainá C.

  7. I often find lipsticks leave my lips quite dry, which I hate, so after reading your post I popped into town and got some of this lipstick. They didn't have the Coral Queen but I picked out Rose Passion (880) and so far so good! So thanks :)