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I've been asked about my hair several times but never really done a proper post about the products and such I use, so I thought it was about time!

My hair is all my own and natural, I don't use extensions of any sort. I used to sometimes wear colourful clip in extensions when I was fourteen and fifteen, but have grown out of that! The last time I had my hair professionally done was in summer 2009. I trim it and touch up the layers myself, and really, I wouldn't let anyone else do my fringe! I've had far too many mishaps with it in the past and I frankly don't trust anyone to take scissors to it, haha.

I've been asked how long it has taken me to get it the length it's at, and I always find this difficult to answer. Even as a little girl I had long hair, so I've had long hair most of my life. Given that, and that I haven't had a proper (or drastic) hair cut in about two years, it's hard to say how long it's taken. So I can't really properly answer!

I've thought of cutting my hair a bit shorter, but haven't acted on it, yet. I may sometime in the future, but I can't be sure when that will be! I've always loved super light blonde hair, but given my natural colour being so dark it would be near impossible to get a Marilyn Monroe shade of blonde, which is, quite typically because it's unachievable, my favourite!

Anyhow, the two products I use most (and really the only two I use ever) are Joico K-Pak Reconstruct Shampoo and John Freida Luxurious Volume Hair Spray. I don't regularly use a conditioner, and by not regularly, I mean not really ever. And I don't put any other products in my hair aside from those two.

Joico's Reconstruct Shampoo is meant for damaged and treated hair, but I began using it because it was what my mother uses and just continued on with it. I believe it also has somewhat of a conditioning element, which is handy since I don't use conditioner. I like it because it doesn't have an overpowering scent and generally work very well!

I've been using John Freida's Luxurious Volume Hair Spray for a while and do like it, but I wish I could find one that holds just a little better. But I would absolutely reccomend this one, as it holds pretty well, and has an only slight fragrance. It's very important to me that it's not too perfumy as the scents of many hair products give me headaches.

The other three things in the little collage above are the brush, comb, and blow dryer I have and use. A Krest Goldilocks comb, Isinis brush, and the Conair Infiniti my mum and I both use.

If you have any other questions on things I haven't covered here, feel free to put them in the comments I shall reply in the same place!


P.S. How do you find my new background and header? It's a bit more bold than what I usually do, but I think I like it!


  1. love the header, but I recommend that you make the background fixed (you know, that it doesn't scroll with the page) because right now when you scroll and all the stripes move down too it really hurts the eyes.

  2. Good suggestion, just did that and it's much better fixed. I hadn't even thought of how hard it might be to look at when scrolling!

  3. do you have any suggestions on products for dry hair? thank you love your blog!


  4. Thank you! I'm admittedly not very familiar with hair products in general, so I can't be much help, unfortunately, sorry.
    But I can recommend http://www.makeupalley.com/. It has plenty of hair product reviews as well as cosmetics! x

  5. love the new blogskin! It's so you!

  6. Awe, your hair is really magnificent. Glad you did a post on it. And your new header is perfect.

  7. commenting a bit late, but i wanted to let you know that you ought to try l'oreal elnett hairspray! i'm not sure if they have a volumizing one, but the extra-strong hold is fantastic, and you can brush through it so it's not sticky at all. and it only smells like baby powder!

  8. well, I do have to say... Your hair is absolutey gorgous! haha, and i'm just wondering what kind of bangs you have... Becuase, (I'm feeling like a total nitwit when I say this,) I've been attempting your bangs, and then unfortunatly failing... hahah, i do find this post very useful... like, VERY hahah, no joke. well, if you could answer my question, that would be great, thank you

  9. I've been looking through your blog and your style is so inspiring! I adore your blog! I know this is such a random comment to make but I'm a hairdresser and if you've never dyed your hair before you would have no problems at all going that bright blonde, Just have to find the perfect hairdresser to do it :) x

    Jazz xo