I was pulling for Amy so much, truly hoping she’d be able to make a come back and amaze the world with her incredible talent. I suppose it could be said, considering her lifestyle, it was likely a matter of time until something tragic happened, but I’m still a bit in shock myself. Gone too soon, indeed.

She was one of my favourite singers ever, and I'd always taken some inspiration from her style. Not only that, she seemed like a genuinely sweet girl, despite her troubles.

Rest in peace, Amy.



  1. I woke up this morning and found out and I’m actually surprised how sad I am about it.. She seemed almost invincible to me, like she always got it together just before she was about to crash.

    Wish I could've heard her sing before, and I'm sad I won't. I always took such inspiration from her voice, style, and devil-may-care attitude. :(

  2. Her sudden death was definitely saddening, everyone what rooting for her pull through.


  3. I loved Amy, I even cried a little when I heard the news. I think you stated this in a very elegant way.