We had the most beautiful sunset last night. The sky was just pure bright pink and mauve, if only we'd get sunsets that pretty more often! I wavered for a moment about whether or not to pop outside and take a photo or two, but I'm happy I did because it was definitely a photo-worthy sight.

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And I was heading back to the porch I nearly accidentally stepped on this guy. Neither of us would've been happy if I had!

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And finally, this is a unintentionally blurry photo of my room from outside. It's right at the end of the porch which is nice because I can just step outside whenever. And yes, that's my little clothes drying rack sat outside. Classy, I know.

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  1. I would have screamed and run away if I had almost stepped on a slug, and yet you took a photo of it! So very brave. Haha :)