Last Sunday's Outfit

I paired my new thrifted light blue cardigan with my Forever 21 high waist black jeans, and a pair of Mum's old heels (which are probably nearly as old as myself but still a favourite pair!). I also wore the earrings my Mum made and gave me at Christmas and an old pink, heart shaped ring I bought from Claire's when I was thirteen. The lipstick I'm wearing is Ravishing by MAC blended with a bit of Rose Passion by Rimmel.

I've just discovered the new Blogger post editing layout thing and this may take a bit of getting used to before I can completely get the hang of how it works -- but I have to say I love the new photo uploader!


TUTORIAL: Glittered Makeup Brushes

I bought this set of brushes from Claire's a few weeks ago, it was on their 10 items for $10 rack, so I thought it was a great deal -- but I didn't love the colours and pattern on the brushes. If you've been following my blog for a while, you may remember my glittered heels tutorial, this is basically the same process repeated, but I'll still be including the instructions and whatnot in this post.

Let's begin!

What You Will Need:

• Your chosen makeup brush(es)
• Newspaper or a large piece of paper (used to catch excess glitter)
• Tacky Glue (or similar glue)
• Mod Podge
• Two or three paintbrushes (I used one small brush for touch ups, a medium sized brush for painting on the glue, and a larger brush for painting on the Mod Podge)
• Loose glitter

This is how my set of brushes looked before I began.

Step #1

Paint the part of your brush you want to glitter with a fairly thin layer of glue.
You want enough to completely cover the part of the brush you want to glitter and you want a thick enough layer for the glitter to stick, but too much glue will only cause unnecessary problems such as taking too long to dry properly.

Step #2

Begin to glitter the brush, try to avoid getting glitter in the bristles. I had a slightly tall pot of glitter to work with so I would stick my brush into the pot and twist it round until the glue was completely covered. If this is not an option, carefully sprinkle the glitter onto the brush.

This is where the newspaper or large piece of paper comes in handy -- it helps to keep the glitter from going everywhere as you can just fold it up and bin it when you're finished!

This is how my brush looked after the first glittering.

Step #3

I glittered my brushes twice in order to get them covered as well as I could, and then touched up the small spots that had somehow managed to remain glitter-free. It is important to wait for the glue to dry before doing the second layer of glitter. Once the original coat of glue is dry, carefully paint on a second layer over the original layer of glitter.

Step #4

Repeat Step # 2.

After glittering the brushes the second and final time I carefully looked them over and made sure they were completely covered. There were a few small spots I noticed that had managed to remain glitter-free. I used a small paint brush and applied a small amount of glue to the spots and then applied glitter to cover up the bare spots.

This is how my set of brushes looked after the second glittering. After the second coat of glitter and glue the brushes will likely take longer to dry than they did with the initial coat. You may choose to leave them to dry overnight. I left them laying on the piece of paper I was working on which worked out quite well, actually. They didn't stick to it at all, and I reckon this is because the glue was entirely covered with glitter and therefore simply couldn't stick to the paper.

Step #5

After the brushes have dried completely, it is time to apply the Mod Podge top coat. Use a paint brush and carefully apply the Mod Podge all over the glittered area. Once dry, repeat this step in order to make sure the glitter is completely sealed in. This will make the glitter slightly less sparkly, but it is a must for this project -- if the glitter isn't sealed it will end up falling off and chipping off. Since you're going to handling these brushes quite a bit when you're using them you want the glitter to be sealed in as well as it can be.

Step #6

Wait for the final coat of Mod Podge to dry (it will take slightly longer than the first coat, as did the final coat of glue). I arranged them over my heat vent to aid the drying process, but this isn't a must. It is best, though, to somehow suspend them in the air slightly (as I did with these cups or over my heat vent's grate) so that they don't stick to anything and possibly get smudged in the process.

Once they have dried, you're finished!

I really love the end result of this project and I think it was a massive improvement (but I'm biased as I love glitter, haha).
I'm most impressed as these brushes only cost me $1 for the set and they turned out pretty bloody good!

The process I used in this tutorial can be used on many other things.
For example, the heels in the old tutorial I linked above or these earrings!



If you have any questions about any of the steps, feel free to ask -- I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


7th of March

Here is what I wore on Wednesday.

I've had those jeans for ages and had been meaning to take them in for as long. I finally got round to it about a week ago and with Mum's help we did a bunch of alterations on some of my clothes (including taking in the legs of those jeans!). I really love them and they fit wonderfully now! I'd originally bought them at a thrift shop for only a couple of dollars and I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of them now.

The coat is second hand, the cardigan is from Suzy, and the heels are from Sirens.

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