I Love Leopard Print

I'm still trying to get caught up with posting, I have one more batch of outfit photos and I'll be up to date with them (if I don't take anymore in the meantime, that is!). I've a few various non-outfit photos and such to post, also. That aside, here is what I wore last Sunday.

I've had that leopard print cardigan for ages and it's one of those things that, even several years later, I still love. Most of my clothes from a few years ago were... well, not things I'd wear now! But I've kept a few of the nicer things that are still wearable. As for the terrible graphic print t-shirts, colourful false hair extensions, and whatnot, they're long tossed out. The cropped jeans are from Forever 21, and the heels are the same ones from my last outfit post and are from Aldo.



  1. I tooooooo!!___))nicee

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    i awarded u awesome bloggers award

  3. i need to start wearing heels for everyday! i think heels give things such a lovely look, especially here with those cut offs! leopard print is lovely, it really suits you