Springtime ♡

Here are a few photos I took last weekend -- all the pretty spring flowers are coming out and the weather is slowly but surely getting nicer. The photo above is of one of the little fellows who lives in our barnyard. There are about five or six who live together, we've gotten them all spayed and neutered with the help of one of Victoria's animal rescues. 

We did this not to interfere with nature, but mostly so the poor little girl rabbits wouldn't be almost constantly pregnant and having babies. There were so many instances of the girls having babies and being so young themselves that they couldn't properly care for them and many would end up passing away. They can have longer and less stressful lives this way -- spending most of their time eating, lounging in the sun, and running around with each other.

The rest of the photos are of some of the spring flowers that have come out so far. The tulips haven't yet, but they should do soon -- in the past years we've had yellow and red ones. And hopefully the deer allow some to bloom and don't just eat the tops off almost all of them before they have a chance like last year!