Dead Flowers

This is an outfit I wore a few days ago. I think this is sort of my first, proper summer outfit of the year (although summer isn't quite here yet). We had a few lovely, warm days recently, though and I took full advantage of them -- by bringing out all my shorts that I haven't worn for ages. The ones I wore in this outfit are relatively new, I bought them at a thrift shop, and they originally were full length jeans, but I made them into shorts! They're a touch too big in the legs, but I wasn't able to take them in properly any more than I did.

With the shorts, I'm wearing my leopard print cardigan from Sirens (another piece I've had for ages!), and an old pair of heels from Le Chateau. The necklace, which is quite difficult to see in the photos (sorry!), is this one from Claire's. It's from last year round Hallowe'en time.