All I Ever Wanted Was The World

This is the outfit I wore on Monday.

I've had this black and white dotted dress for aeons and it had been sitting unworn in my closet for ages. I bought it from a thrift shop years ago, and shortened it -- it used to be ankle length! It has a neat little drawstring at the back which I love -- meaning you can pull it in as tightly or loosely as you like. I haven't been wearing dresses a lot lately, but when I put it on a couple of weeks ago, I realised how much I still like it!

I paired it with a long, light weight, blazer-style jacket I bought from a thrift shop about three years ago. Similar to the dress, it also has a drawstring at the back. It's perfect for a cool summer day, and we've been having plenty of those this year. My pumps are from Aldo, my beret used to be my mum's, and my sheer stockings are Hue.

My lipstick is Rimmel's Rose Passion and my nail varnish is OPI's Glamour from their old DS Collection.


The History of Makeup

I recently stumbled across these two videos on Lisa Eldridges's YouTube channel and found them so interesting!

The first one focuses on the Victorian Era to the 1930s, and the second on the 1940s to the 1970s. They feature interesting facts about make-up and fashion trends throughout the years, and you even get to see some neat, old vintage products!

I absolutely loved watching them, and thought you guys may find them interesting!


Black, White, and Red Lipstick

This outfit is from the day after the one I posted yesterday. As you can probably tell, it's another 'fifties inspired look.

I bought this little cropped, button down shirt two summers ago at a thrift shop and it's absolutely one of my favourite retro pieces. I don't believe it's actually from the 'fifties, but it reminds me of the era quite a bit! I teamed it with my thrifted high waist shorts, Aldo pumps, Le Chateau cat eye sunglasses, and a pair of sheer tights (it was freezing out whilst I was taking these photos!).

This is another example of how I like to mix retro and modern fashions. The shirt, shorts, and sunglasses are 'fifties inspired, but the platform pumps are modern.