I wore this outfit a couple of days ago, on the same day as I took my my most recent FOTD photos. I just tossed together a quick outfit consisting of jeans, a thrifted lace shirt, and my Steve Madden pointed toe pumps, and a few various costume jewellery items!

I don't usually wear pink lipstick, but I've been wearing it a bit more lately -- Pink Blush by Rimmel is one of my favourites. It's incredibly hard to find the right shade of pink for my skin tone, but that one is perfect -- and so cheap!


FOTD - Green and Black Arab Inspired Eye Makeup

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I've been experimenting with my makeup a bit. Here is another look I tried, inspired by this tutorial. These photos are a tad overexposed, so the colours were a little darker in person. It's really different from what I normally do, but it was fun to try for a day! It was also the first time I'd tried the tape method to get your eyeshadow just right, and it worked surprisingly well.

I have one more Arab inspired look that I will be posting very soon, with slightly heavier eyeliner and more neutral eyeshadow!


Summer in Victoria

I went downtown for part of the morning last week and took a few quick photos with my phone. It was such a beautiful day, and super busy of course, as it's tourist season!

I went and walked the causeway round the harbour, and fell down the stairs going down to said causeway. TWICE. Brilliant.

I love the cute little water cabs running round the harbour, you can see three in this photos. One in the centre, one at the dock, and one on the right. The causeway is on the left, and the Parliament Buildings in the foreground.

The Jubilee banners were still flying at the Parliament Buildings. I hadn't gotten a chance to see them up close until last week and I think they look quite nice!

It's almost always breezy by the harbour, so since the flags were flying nicely I thought I'd take a quick photo.

It was so warm out I decided to go in the Parliament Buildings for a few minutes where I thought it might be cooler, and it, thankfully, was indeed cooler. I took a few photos inside whilst I wandered about.

This one is of the latin provincial motto, Splendor Sine Occasu, which translates to Splendour Without Diminishment. I love, love, love the the Parliament Buildings architecture inside and outside. It's such a beautiful building.

This is the chamber, looking much more peaceful than it does during months when the MLAs are sitting!

And downstairs a portrait of the Queen and Prince Phillip, which actually looks fairly old, doesn't it?

I spent a while walking around, trying to find the hall with the photos of all our past Premiers, while trying at the same time not to get lost. I first ended up in the hall with the photos of all our past Auditor Generals. Eventually I did find the Premiers hall, and the portrait of our second Premier, who was said to be quite the character.

And a photo of my shoes just because. Also because I was waiting to take the next photo while some tourists were taking photos in front of it. The level of cleanliness in the entire building is incredible, the floors practically gleam.

And the photo I was waiting to take, of a 3D type sculpture of our coat of arms -- which reminds me a bit of a Christmas ornament.

The final one is a photo of a photo, that I find particularly neat, that most of you probably don't really care about. As the caption says, it is of the official opening of the Parliament Buildings. being as into history -- and especially political history -- I love historical photos like this!


Review - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

A couple of weeks ago I happened to pop into London Drugs and saw they had their Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks on sale for $3.99, which is a massively good deal considering they're usually priced between $7.99 - $9.99 in all the shops in my city. I tried a bunch of their testers, swatching them on my hand and arm, and settled on Love That Pink, Love That Red, and Certainly Red.

I'm quite a big fan of Revlon lipsticks, as far as drugstore lipsticks go, they have a nice selection of colours and I don't find them particularly drying. I also like Rimmel lipsticks quite a bit, but dislike that most of their lipsticks aren't sealed -- I won't buy any that aren't because, well, it's not hygienic.

I've always liked the packaging of Revlon's Super Lustrous lipsticks, the simple black and shiny gold tube. I notice a lot of drug store lipsticks come in sort of, well, ugly tubes. That said, if the lipstick is a nice colour and good quality, the packaging doesn't matter that much, now, does it?

Love That Pink is a very slightly reddish pink shade, perfect for spring and summer.

Love That Red is true red, with what I think might be just a slight hint of pink.

Certainly Red is another true red shade and slightly darker than Love That Red, I think it will be perfect for autumn and winter.


ASOS Bullet Bra

When I placed my order from ASOS a little while ago, I ordered the two dresses in this post, and a retro style bra. The dresses arrived a few days before the bra, which came a few days later.

It was on sale for $13.60, and I thought it looked super cute and quite unique. Unfortunately, the one I ordered must have been one of the last in stock as they were listed as out of stock soon after. It can be a bit tricky to hide under certain items, what with the quilting effect, but under heavier knit tops and loose tops it works perfectly! I wore it under a loose lace top during the heat a couple of weeks ago, the little bit of pretty pink satin showing through looked quite nice -- and as it's not exactly a skimpy bra, it wasn't too revealing for my taste.



This is an outfit I wore about a week ago on the first day of our little heat wave. I've done what I mentioned a few posts ago, where I've mixed retro and modern pieces.

I did my hair in 50s inspired style, doing a bit of backcombing and adding a vintage hair scarf for a extra little retro touch, but kept the overall style quite messy. I'm considering doing a hair tutorial on how to do this look, would anyone be interested in that?

I wore a little black top with thin straps with my black and white dotted wide leg trousers (that actually look more like a skirt, I think). I paired those with my black pumps from Aldo, for a modern touch!

I can't quite recall which lipstick I'm wearing here, I believe it may be Love That Red by Revlon, however. Whilst on the topic of lipstick, I'll be doing a little review on that Revlon shade, as well as two of their others (I bought three on sale for $3.99 last week!). And the nail polish I'm wearing is Whirlwind White by Sally Hansen (which I also will be reviewing in my next post).


Black, White, and Coral

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I've got a bunch queued up and will be posting them in the coming days. The first post, now that I'm back, is an outfit from a week or so ago. It was quite cool up till last weekend when it got to nearly 30 degrees for a few days. These photos are from before our mini heat wave, as I definitely couldn't have gotten away with a cardigan and pants during it!

The cardigan was my mum's and she was going toss it, so I thought I'd save it. It's quite simple, but I love the neckline when it's worn this way. Boat neck cardigans are almost my favourite type of cardigan, they remind me quite a bit of Audrey Hepburn's style, of which I love!

The jeans are my cropped pair from Forever 21, and my loafers are from Aldo. My lipstick is MAC's Ravishing and my nail polish is Sally Hansen's Whirlwind White.