Gold Glitter

This is an outfit I wore over the weekend.

I bought this cardigan at a thrift shop over the summer and I absolutely love it. I'm actually wearing it backwards in these photos, which I've been known to do with certain cardigans, such as my plain black one. I wear it unbuttoned, buttoned, and backwards! Understandably, it's getting slightly worn out -- I'll be so sad when it's finally too worn out to wear!

I love slightly sparkly knitted cardigans. I have a few others, all from various thrift shops. And I can wait to bring them and start wearing them again in the coming months!

The jeans are my Forever 21 cropped jeans, which are also getting slightly worn and faded, they're another item I'll be sad to eventually toss out. They're one of my favourite 2012 purchases. The pumps are from Aldo, and the earrings were given to be at Christmas 2010 by my aunt. I forget the shop they're from, but it was a small, independent one downtown.

The lipstick I'm wearing is a bit of Coral Queen blended into Pink Blush, both by Rimmel.