Under Pressure

This is a 1960s inspired outfit I wore a few days ago. I paired a little white cardigan with my thrifted navy dotted skirt, sheer Hue stockings, black Aldo pumps, and thrifted coat.

What I love about this coat is that it has removable faux fur cuffs, I removed them for this look, but left them attached in this one from last January. I think it really changes the look of it depending on whether they're attached or not. I didn't wear it much last year, but I think I'll be wearing it more this autumn/winter. I bought it at a thrift shop last year for under $10 and it's in very good condition, definitely one of my favourite finds!

I wore stockings with this outfit instead of tights, and a word of advice about wearing stockings and garter belt under a short skirt: always practice going upstairs before leaving the house to make sure your skirt is short enough for everything still be covered as you walk up them. In my defence, I hadn't intended to go anywhere where there were stairs, but sometimes you'll end up going places you hadn't originally planned, and well, having the bands of your stockings showing while you're walking up stairs isn't the classiest thing imaginable.

However, these things happen. C'est la vie.