I don't often wear leggings but I absolutely love these leggings I bought from Forever 21 last month! I love the tiny houndstooth print and high waist, and they're made from a slightly heavier fabric than most leggings so I think they're quite suitable to be worn as trousers. 
For this outfit, I paired them with my thrifted American Apparel peter pan collar shirt and Aldo pumps. This deviates a little from my usual outfits, but I do like to experiment every once and a while.


  1. very pretty outfit. the blouse is amazing, I love the colour. the pants are unique and they go so well with the blouse.
    have a nice day ♥

  2. U look amazing. I love Ur hair and style, it is so oryginal!

  3. I love this outfit - you look lovely. The houndstooth print makes a lovely change from plain leggings/trousers xx

  4. I REALLY HOPE YOU GET THIS COMMENT! I have been searching for these leggings online but they don't seem to have them on their store. I am from the UK and these leggings are seriously PERFECT. I need them! haha, searched ebay and american apparel and cant find any the same :( Do they still have them stocked in your store? or on the site for you? i don't know if it will be different for you? If so, please can you email me paige_joanna_calvert@live.co.uk I know it seems a bit drastic for leggings but when i saw you in these on lookbook i have wanted them so much! As like you said I don't usually wear them but these as so nice. thanks sweetie :) xxxx

    1. Hi lovely! I've looked on Forever 21's Canadian website and was just at the shop in town and I believe they're all sold out of those leggings, unfortunately. But I've been looking round the internet a bit and found a few sites with similar pairs. None are completely exact, I'm afraid, but you may want to have a look at some of these. :)







      I think the ones in the last link are the most similar. Hope this helps a bit! xx