Candy Cane Cupcakes

I 've alwayed loved baking, ever since I was a little girl and would help my mum bake sugar cookies at Christmas. However, I tend to usually stick to simple cookies and muffins which I can toss together with wild abandon and have ready to eat within 45 minutes.With that said, earlier this week I decided to try something a bit different! I made a batch of vanilla cupcakes (recipe below) and decorated them in a Christmassy fashion. They were completely easy to make and decorate, and they turned out quite good -- in terms of appearance and taste!

For decorating, I'd originally thought of placing a mini candy cane on top of each cupcake, but unfortunately wasn't able to find any mini ones. Still, I was quite pleased with how they ended up looking and they tasted as good as they looked! Decorating them was completely simple -- I iced them with plenty of icing, crushed some candy canes and sprinkled them on the cupcakes along with some red coloured sugar and voila!

I usually bake sugar cookies and ginger bread cookies at Christmas, but since making these, I've been feeling inspired to try some other cupcake recipes. Aren't some of those amazing looking?! The snowmen ones are too cute!

I hadn't made cupcakes for ages, moreover I'd never made cupcakes from scratch. I found this little 'How To Make Cupcakes' video quite helpful. I love video tutorials for baking and cooking -- they always help a novice like myself to learn little tips and tricks. I'm also planning on trying some other Christmas baking recipes -- this is one of my favourite times of the year to do baking and I'm feeling inspired to give some new recipes a go!

The above recipe was from this lovely recipe book, Home Bake by Eric Lanlard.

I'm dying to find a reason to try the recipe for the cake on the cover -- it looks so delish. Sponge cake + fresh berries + icing = heaven.

And this is the recipe for the cupcakes above!

Do you like baking? What's your favourite holiday treat?