Review - MAC Lipstick in Diva

Dark lips are one of my favourite beauty trends right now. Dark burgundy, dark purple, and wine shades are everywhere right now and I was eager to give the look a try! I typically stick to reds and corals, so this very dark shade was a bit daunting for me, but once I applied it I loved it.

After many failed attempts at wearing dark lipstick when I was younger, I was ready to give it another go. I debated whether to buy MAC's Media or Diva shade and settled on Diva. Media is quite purple, whilst Diva is burgundy with a slightly purplish tone. I, personally, find purple lipsticks quite difficult to carry off, so Diva was the obvious choice for me.

Despite its matte finish, it isn't drying and it is an amazingly intense colour. I love pairing it with simple eye makeup and dark eye makeup alike, it really just depends on what sort of looking you're going for. Dark lips always feel so mysterious and glamourous.

One of my favourite ways to wear dark lipstick is with a simple eye. I contour my eyes slightly with a matte beige eyeshadow and apply mascara for a pretty, eveyday look. My other favourite way of wearing dark lips is to pair them with dark eyemakeup for a bold, vampy look. Even though dark lipstick can seem daunting, it can be surprisingly versatile in terms of different looks you can achieve.

What's your favourite beauty trend this season?



  1. Did you not find this lipstick really difficult to apply? I got this a while back and it felt very dry to apply - it didn't glide on easily at all. Maybe there's some trick I'm missing?
    The colour is indeed lovely though :)

    1. It was a little dry at first, but now that I've used it several times it doesn't seem as dry, strangely. Also, I've always found, when applying very dark lip colours, using a lip brush can really help! It gives you more control over the application and can help you to apply it more perfectly. xo

  2. Literally perfection. Much love for your posts <3