Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)

I wanted to do a little Christmas themed photoshoot this year, seeing as I mostly stick to simple outfit photos these days. I put my own little spin on it, and while I realise it's not the most festive outfit, I still like how these came out! The top is a Marilyn Monroe Intimate bodysuit, the skirt is thrifted, the heels are from Urban Behaviour, and the wig (which I loooove) is from abHair*. 

I hope you all have a very very very Merry Christmas!


Late Autumn

These are some photos I took a couple of weeks ago. 

The first is of some lovely treats mum made, and the rest are some outdoorsy ones from before it snowed.

Wild rose hips.
Rural Christmas tree.

Wrought iron.
Wild berries.
Birch leaves.
Side garden.
Mini daisies.
Blooming potato vine.
More mini daisies and dying flowers.

Dying daisy.

Christmas lights.
More birch leaves.

Decembre Noir

Beret: Vintage | Coat: SheInside* | Scarf: Ardene | Tights: Secret | Heels: Aldo

Every now and then I manage to pull together an outfit that just feels so... me. It's difficult to put into words, but I'd bet you ladies know exactly what I mean -- it looks and feels right. That's how I felt when I put together this all-black (bar the red lipstick, of course!) outfit featuring a new coat from SheInside.

 I wanted the coat to be centrepiece of the outfit, so I paired it with otherwise simple accessories -- a vintage black beret, black tights, black scarf, and black platform pumps! Underneath the coat, I went quite casual with a pair of black denim highwaist shorts and an oversized black v-neck sweater.

Sugar Pink, Liquor Liquor Lips

This is an outfit I wore week or so ago, as you can probably tell it's one of my more casual looks. When I'm in a more casual mood, I like to do either some sort of creative look (such as this outfit), or a very simple, classic look (such as jeans and a cardigan).

In this look, I'm wearing my old thrifted high waist jeans, a thrifted translucent black top with velvet floral detailing, and my floral platform heels from Forever 21. My earrings are from Ardene, and my ring is an old one from Claire's. My lipstick is Revlon's Sweet Tart, and my nail polish is OPI's Greenwich Village.

I've never worn these platform heels much, but I really love them and they're incredibly easy to walk in (and they make me almost 6 foot!).


Knee Socks

Coat: Sirens | Bodysuit: American Apparel | Shorts: Thrifted | Tights: Secret | Socks: Ardene | Heels: Aldo

Last month, I mentioned on Tumblr how I've recently gotten into (read: gotten obsessed with) the Arctic Monkeys. I'm still a bit bitter that I'll be missing their Vancouver show in December, but that's another story. I was feeling a bit inspired by one of their new songs, Knee Socks and went searching in my storage bins for my old over-the-knee socks. I couldn't find them -- I'm pretty sure I sold them on eBay, as they had never been taken out of the pack. So, I snapped up a new pair at Ardene -- actually two new pairs and a little gift for a friend on one of their 3-for-$10 sales.

I layered them over a pair of sheer black tights (which was so cosy!), and wore high waist shorts, my beloved AA bodysuit, and my favourite winter coat from last year. Similar to the last look I posted, this one is a bit different from what I usually go for but I love how it all came together!


Black on Black

Cardigan: Suzy Shier | Blouse: Thrifted | Trousers: Thrifted | Heels: Steve Madden | Earrings: Icing

Here's a quick look from last week. I'd felt like experimenting a bit, so I put together an outfit that was slightly different from anything I'd recently worn. I paired a thrifted lacy blouse with an old pair of thrifted dotted trousers and my favourite black heels. I popped on a little black cardigan, in lieu of a black blazer. I've actually been searching for a nice black blazer for ages and hadn't yet found the right one, but recently I was in Suzy Shier and came across a perfect one similar to my red one --  and I'm sure I'll definitely be working it into an outfit sometime in the near future!


Fall Florals

Cardigan: Chicnova* | Skirt: Thrifted | Coat: Sirens | Beret: Vintage | Heels: Aldo

I typically don't go for overly girly clothing, but I do makle exceptions. Such as this adorable little floral cardigan from Chicnova. I balanced out the look by pairing it with a thrifted fitted skirt and my favourite winter coat (which is on year #2 now and is truly beginning to show how much its been loved, wah!). I then popped on my old Aldo pumps and beret and voila! A girly, but not too much, autumn appropriate outfit. 


Early Autumn

These little daisies are my favourite!