Admittedly, my foundation routine a bit of a work-in-progress.

I've used Relvlon ColourStay Foundation in Ivory for several years now and while it is one of the lightest shades I can find in any drugstore brand, it still isn't light enough to properly match my skin. I did try Maybelline's FitMe Foundation in Porcelain last year and found it to be a slightly better, if still imperfect, match. However, it caused my skin to break out badly, so I quickly realised it wouldn't be a viable alternative to Revlon's ColourStay Foundation. I'm hoping to switch to a foundation with slightly better coverage and that matches my skin tone a bit better sometime this year, but I've yet to settle on a which brand. Though, I do have my eyes on Make Up For Ever's Face & Body and MAC's new NW10 foundation.

Last spring, tired of feeling orange, I decided I'd buy a white foundation to mix with my regular one and see if doing so made any difference in how it matched my skin. As luck would have it, finding an inexpensive white foundation was far more difficult than I'd anticipated. I couldn't find an inexpensive option in the shops and not wanting to spend $40 on a white foundation for an experiment, I ended up ordering a tube of Barry M Foundation Creme off eBay. I was excited to give it a go and tried it the day after receiving in the post and found that it worked quite well. Although I still find that ColourStay in Ivory is still a tad too pink toned for my skin, it makes a grand difference in that I no longer feel that my chest and face are utterly different colours.

Since then, I've switched to a different white foundation of the drugstore variety. I recently began using Stargazer white foundation, another I ordered off eBay. I'd originally debated between it and Barry M and ended up choosing Barry M, but I was always curious about trying Stargazer. Now, after having used both, I actually don't notice a massive difference in the two. Stargazer's formula is slightly thicker and it comes in a glass bottle. Barry M's has a similar consistency but comes in a squeeze tube rather than a bottle. I did notice, however, that Barry M's could, at times, be slightly runny and, coming in a tube, was difficult to shake well before use. We'll come back to the topic of white foundations in a moment.

As for application, I've tried brushes and I simply cannot get the hang of them. I can't seem to apply foundation with a brush without it looking streaky and being much too sheer. And so, I use Quo makeup sponges, which allow me to apply my foundation as lightly (or heavily) as I choose.

As for the foundation mixing process, it couldn't be much simpler. I use 2/3 Revlon Colourstay and 1/3 Stargazer together in a palette using a brush.

It's very important to make sure the foundation is well mixed together in order to get an even, all over colour when you apply it.

Once it's mixed well, you should be able to notice a subtle difference in colour. Although, it may be difficult to see in these photos!

Also, about 5 minutes before I apply my foundation, I apply my moisteriser, which is Alba's Aloe & Green Tea Oil-Free Moisturiser. 

Once I've applied my foundation, I apply powder, concealer, and blusher -- in that order.

I had been a huge fan of Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder until its discontinuation. I began using Maybelline's new (at the time) FitMe Powder, but never liked it as much. I found it slightly too pink toned and hated the packaging, finding it clunky and aesthetically unattractive. Last autumn, determined to find a new powder, I decided to experiment a bit. I tried Revlon's ColourStay Aqua Mineral Finishing Powder, Revlon's PhotoReady Powder, and Rimmel's StayMatte Powder. 

While I liked the light feeling of the Aqua Mineral Finishing Powder on my skin, I found its coverage to be too sheer. And while I liked the coverage of the PhotoReady powder, I disliked that it was rather shimmery.

Rimmel's StayMatte was my favourite of the bunch and is the powder I currently use. Unlike FitMe, which I used for quite a while prior, I find Rimmel's StayMatte to be the right tone for my skin. My only complaint about it is that it can be slightly cakey if you apply too much. I use a powder puff to apply it, as I find it difficult to achieve the coverage I want with a brush, which is similar to my problem with applying liquid foundation with a brush.

The concealer I currently use and have nearly ran out of (tragedy!) is L'Oreal's Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Concealer. I've used this concealer since I was fourteen and was heartbroken to find out it had been discontinued. I'm currently searching for a new concealer, specifically a powder concealer. I've always found this old L'Oreal concealer to have amazing coverage -- it never compared to any of the cream concealers I've tried, which all seemed to have poor coverage, be too orange, or make blemishes look even worse by making them look dry and/or caked with makeup. And I do admit, even in the lightest shade, this concealer was a tad too orange for my skin. However, with powder applied over it, the difference in colour was barely noticeable. I will continue to search for a replacement and mourn its death discontinuation.

Finally, the blusher I use and have used as my primary blusher since 2010 is CoverGirl's Rose Silk. While it is a pretty shimmery pink-peach shade, I've gotten slightly tired of it. I'm in the process of looking for a new blusher to use as my daily blusher, I'd love to find something that was a similar, if slightly less bright, colour and matte, rather than shimmery. But for now, I'll continue to wear this one, lightly applying it with a blusher brush.

Now, back to white foundation talk for a moment.

Below, I have included a bit of information about four white foundations. For balance, I've included two drug store and two higher end.

Firstly, the drug store brands. Barry M is a UK cosmetic brand, sold in drugustores in the UK and Ireland, and available to rest of the world via eBay. The same applies to Stargazer, which is available at drugstore in the UK and Ireland, and is available on eBay.

Now for the higher end foundations. Illamasqua is a high end UK cosmetics brand, available in shops in the UK, US, Australia, Germany, and UAE. Their products are also available to order at their online shop. MAC also has a white foundation available, sold in their shops but strangely not on their website, at least not that I can find.

So, this was my long and wordy foundation post. If you guys would like, I could do another once I get my routine straightened out a bit more.

We'll see how it goes!



This post is a bit late, seeing as Boxing Day was a little while ago, but I still wanted to post it! I didn't do much Boxing Day shopping in 2012, I've been trying to save and only spend money on things I actually need or absolutely love. But I did find an amazing dress at Sirens. I'd been admiring this dress every time I went in over the holidays, but couldn't justify spending $30 on a dress which I didn't have an occasion to wear to. That said, when I saw it was on sale during their Boxing Week sale for 50% off at $15, I couldn't resist! I still don't have an occasion to wear it to (yet), but I just love looking at it in hung amongst my more demure dresses. And I know I'll find somewhere to wear it, eventually!


Beaded Top - Suzy Shier
Bodysuit - Marilyn Monroe Intimates/Winners
Skinny Trousers - Sirens
Platform Heels - Aldo
Lipstick - Ruby Woo/MAC
Nail Varnish - City Siren/China Glaze

Here's a quick outfit from earlier this week. I was given this lovely beaded shirt at Christmas and immediately knew I wanted to include it in an OOTD post. It's such a dressy shirt I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit very simple, so I opted for skinny black trousers, my black bodysuit layered underneath, and platform heels. And my nail varnish and lipstick added a little bit of vibrant colour to the otherwise monochrome outfit!


Wigging Out

Wig - C/O ABHair | Earrings - eBay | Bodysuit - Marilyn Monroe Intimates/Winners | Jeans - Thrifted | Lipstick - Ruby Woo/MAC | Nail Varnish - City Siren/China Glaze

Ever since I started experimenting with fashion and self portraiture, I've always loved playing around with different looks and sometimes incorporating wigs into the looks. When I was younger, I used to go to shops after Halloween and see if I could find any decent, cheap wigs left over in their costume sections. Occasionally I'd find one I liked and I'd work it into, such as this one from when I was fourteen. I wouldn't wear a wig just out about, but if it was part of a costume? In that case, I absolutely would! They make me feel like a different person, almost. I think it's partly because I've had my hair in a similar style for so long and always the same colour.

I have a few that I've collected over the years (all synthetic, obviously), but my favourites are my white bob, the shop from which it came I cannot remember, and this fabulous new curly red wig from ABHair. Now I want red hair. Wouldn't dare though. Probably.


And it's just like she's in another world

Anchor Earrings - Ebay
Patterned Shirt - Thrifted
Army Jacket - C/O Vivilli
Shorts - Motel/ASOS
Tights - ???
Flats - Viva/The Bay

For my first proper outfit of 2013, I thought I'd try something a little different. I decided to base the outfit around my green army jacket from Vivilli. I paired it with my Motel shorts and black tights. I wasn't sure what sort of top to wear, but ended up choosing this loose-fitting monochrome button down to add a feminine touch to the overall look. And to keep the outfit casual, I wore my favourite old flats from The Bay. 

(As an aside, I always feel a bit contrived writing about my outfits -- anyone have any suggestions on how I could improve these posts?)


Review: MAC Lipstick in Russian Red

Of all the lipsticks in my modest collection, MAC's Russian Red has got to be my most favourite. I've always been a lover of red lipstick, even when I was tiny and could only dream of wearing it myself. I've tried several reds over the year, some have been lovely, others have been more disastrous. Out of all of them, Russian Red stands out. I've always thought it was silly to say 'this is me in X form!', but this is one of the those rare occasions where I feel like saying it. If I were a lipstick, I would be this one.

Russian Red is a lovely matte cool-toned red. And its staying power is wonderful -- particularly when worn layered over a balm and/or pencil. It's a medium dark red, and is slightly darker in person than in the photo above. 

I find it to be perfect for several different looks -- from a simple mascara and lipstick look to a full-on '50s look. It can be super glam and it can be played down. And after seeing many people wearing it, I feel it's really one of those rare colours (even rarer as a red) that work with any skin tone. 

As it is a MAC product, it is a bit more expensive than most drug store lipsticks -- but as I've yet to find a dupe of the same standard of this lipstick, I feel it's worth the $16.50 price tag (MAC prices vary by country).

This is one of those rare products that I feel will hold a place in my makeup bag indefinitely. Along with my false lashes, of course.


32nd of December

Burgundy Cardigan - Suzy Shier
Lace Shirt - Sirens
Shorts - Motel/ASOS
Tights - ???
Platform Heels - Aldo

The past two NYEs have been, frankly, fashion bummers. 2010 was stylish, but super uncomfortable. A constricting sequinned top and uncomfortable high waist shorts. With tights, of course. You know, for warmth and extra uncomfortablness. Whilst last year was comfortable but so... not stylish. A particularly ugly, unflatteringly oversized cardigan and black jeans. Black jeans, fine, good even. Completely stretched out cardigan with a crew neck? No. This year, I wanted to try to do something that could encompass both factors, fashion and comfort.

 I paired my lace shirt from Sirens (contrasting the colour with a black bra) with my new Motel shorts. I bought them in November on sale and they've become a staple in my wardrobe recently, absolutely love them! Super short shorts are my favourite, no matter if it's summer or winter. I may not be the skinniest girl in the land and I don't have perfect legs, but they always make me feel fab.

I added my burgundy cardigan from Suzy Shier to make the outfit a tad more casual (and warm) and wore my Aldo platforms heels to add a bit of height, or rather, almost 6 inches of it. And I can't, for the life of me, remember where my tights are from and they have no tags. Drives me mental as they're the most comfortable black tights I've had since.... ever, really!

Overall, I think I achieved what I set out to.