And it's just like she's in another world

Anchor Earrings - Ebay
Patterned Shirt - Thrifted
Army Jacket - C/O Vivilli
Shorts - Motel/ASOS
Tights - ???
Flats - Viva/The Bay

For my first proper outfit of 2013, I thought I'd try something a little different. I decided to base the outfit around my green army jacket from Vivilli. I paired it with my Motel shorts and black tights. I wasn't sure what sort of top to wear, but ended up choosing this loose-fitting monochrome button down to add a feminine touch to the overall look. And to keep the outfit casual, I wore my favourite old flats from The Bay. 

(As an aside, I always feel a bit contrived writing about my outfits -- anyone have any suggestions on how I could improve these posts?)



  1. Hot look. Love the tights, sexy.