Review: MAC Lipstick in Russian Red

Of all the lipsticks in my modest collection, MAC's Russian Red has got to be my most favourite. I've always been a lover of red lipstick, even when I was tiny and could only dream of wearing it myself. I've tried several reds over the year, some have been lovely, others have been more disastrous. Out of all of them, Russian Red stands out. I've always thought it was silly to say 'this is me in X form!', but this is one of the those rare occasions where I feel like saying it. If I were a lipstick, I would be this one.

Russian Red is a lovely matte cool-toned red. And its staying power is wonderful -- particularly when worn layered over a balm and/or pencil. It's a medium dark red, and is slightly darker in person than in the photo above. 

I find it to be perfect for several different looks -- from a simple mascara and lipstick look to a full-on '50s look. It can be super glam and it can be played down. And after seeing many people wearing it, I feel it's really one of those rare colours (even rarer as a red) that work with any skin tone. 

As it is a MAC product, it is a bit more expensive than most drug store lipsticks -- but as I've yet to find a dupe of the same standard of this lipstick, I feel it's worth the $16.50 price tag (MAC prices vary by country).

This is one of those rare products that I feel will hold a place in my makeup bag indefinitely. Along with my false lashes, of course.