Wigging Out

Wig - C/O ABHair | Earrings - eBay | Bodysuit - Marilyn Monroe Intimates/Winners | Jeans - Thrifted | Lipstick - Ruby Woo/MAC | Nail Varnish - City Siren/China Glaze

Ever since I started experimenting with fashion and self portraiture, I've always loved playing around with different looks and sometimes incorporating wigs into the looks. When I was younger, I used to go to shops after Halloween and see if I could find any decent, cheap wigs left over in their costume sections. Occasionally I'd find one I liked and I'd work it into, such as this one from when I was fourteen. I wouldn't wear a wig just out about, but if it was part of a costume? In that case, I absolutely would! They make me feel like a different person, almost. I think it's partly because I've had my hair in a similar style for so long and always the same colour.

I have a few that I've collected over the years (all synthetic, obviously), but my favourites are my white bob, the shop from which it came I cannot remember, and this fabulous new curly red wig from ABHair. Now I want red hair. Wouldn't dare though. Probably.