Chicnova Goodies

Last month, I ordered a couple of things from Chicnova and recently received them. 

The first item was a pair of little round sunglasses, which actually look quite different in person than they did on the website, but truthfully I like how they look in person them even more! They remind me a bit of this adorable pink Stella McCartney pair.

The second item was a faux leather bag. I was a bit uncertain of how it would look in person, but it turned out that I absolutely adore it. It's very well made for the price and I love the style -- I've been looking for a briefcase-style bag for ages and couldn't find one I liked for a reasonable price until I came across this one!



  1. glasses are cute and classic looking and it doesn't look too trendy so even when it goes out of trend it won't matter . :) bag is useful too .

  2. love the bag and sunglasses!!
    xx Ayesha

  3. Wow, really love the bag!
    I might order it myself, would it be big enough for school stuff?

    Love, Liese

  4. That bag is an eye catcher and even better that its faux leather! xo

  5. love your blog :)
    please check out mine & follow if you like :)