You play the vamp, I play the killer

Top: Sirens | Skirt: Vivilli* | Tights: Silks | Heels: Suzy Shier

I've always felt like burgundy is an autumn/winter colour, but I wanted to wear this skirt one day last week and decided to see if I could make a spring appropriate look with it. Black is my go-to colour, but I knew pairing something black would make it look only more wintry. As I was looking through my drawers I noticed a little crop top I recently bought from Sirens, which incidentally had a small amount of burgundy in its floral print. I'd never really thought seafoam green would go nicely with a burgundy, but I guess we do learn something new every day!

P.S. The title of this post is from the Stones' 1974 song If You Really Want to Be My Friend, which I am obsessed with it at the moment. You know when you've had an album for ages and then suddenly discover a song you had previously sort of ignored and realise how much you like it?

Exactly that.