Review | Butter London Nail Polish in Come To Bed Red

Butter London Nail Polish in Come To Bed Red, $17.50

I'd had my eye on Butter London's red nail polishes for the past few months and had been debating between their very loved Pillar Box Red or Come To Bed Red shades. I popped in Pharmasave to buy a newspaper a couple of weekends ago and noticed a display with several of their polishes and decided I'd finally give into my curiosity. I'd been looking at swatches online and trying to decide between the two shades -- trying to figure out which was the cool red and which was the warm red, but had been at a stalemate as the swacthes looked incredibly similar. However, in person and in daylight it was quite easy to tell -- Pillar Box Red was warm toned and Come To Bed Red cool toned. Decision made. I picked up the latter polish and brought it home with my paper.

I tried it the same day as I was eager to see how it looked and take off my chipping bright pink Avon polish. Just as I had hoped, I loved it and am still wearing it a couple of weeks later. It wears beautifully and is a lovely slightly cool/blue toned red -- which is just what I wanted as warm/orange toned reds often look odd with my skin tone. Plus, Butter London's polishes are free of  formaldehyde, toluene, DBP and several other chemicals common to many nail polish brands. I'd never tried one of Butter London's polishes before, but this one has left me with a good impression of the brand.