Dying Daisies and Denim

Lace Top: Chicnova* | Bodysuit: ASOS | Shorts: Thrifted | Heels: Vintage

I apologise for my completely blank expression in these photos. I suppose, though, that a bored expression is still better than looking slightly demented because your eyebrows are uneven and making you look angry which is what happens to me on bad eyebrow days. All that aside, I tossed together a simple summer outfit with a pair of old denim shorts, a black bodysuit from ASOS, and the same heels as I wore in my last outfit post. I added a long lacey top from Chicnova to make the outfit a little prettier and my red lipstick and nails added a little bit of (much needed, in my opinion!) bright colour to an otherwise neutral palette of colours.



  1. Lovely lace cover-up, looks so floaty and Victorian-summery :)

  2. You have lovely eyebrows! I can't believe there would ever be a bad eyebrow day in your lifetime! I love how neutral and fresh this outfit is, but the red lips just look so beautiful to brighten it up!! xx

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  4. Gorgeous, and your face looks fine- Very beautiful!


  5. That outfit makes you look so innocent and bright. Lovely!