I Love False Eyelashes

I recently bought a few new pairs of false lashes from Madame Madeline. I'd never purchased from this shop before but I'd been wanting to give it a try for a while and finally did! They carry several different brands and I found the prices to be fab -- almost half what I'd have to pay in shops here for certain brands! And, a note for my fellow Canadian ladies, I found the tiered postage costs very reasonable because, as you all know, shipping here can get ridiculously expensive.

Despite having been a fan of Ardell lashes, I've never tried their much beloved Demi Wispies style so I thought I'd give them a go.

I've also never tried false bottom lashes -- should be interesting to see how these work out.

This style reminds me quite a bit of the style I wear most often -- Ardell 105 -- but a little less perfectly symmetrical.

I'd been eyeing Ardell's Double Up line for a while in the shops so I decided to add these very '60s influenced pair to my order.

And finally, I thought I'd try a pair that were just absolutely outrageous. I'm not sure how I'd pull these off, but they'd be fab for a very dramatic look (or even the upcoming Hallowe'en season!).