Back To Black

Top: Sirens | Belt: Sirens | Skirt: Front Row Shop* | Heels: Steve Madden
I've been neglecting my blog terribly lately, but seeing as we're now well into my favourite time of the year I think I may be able to find a bit more inspiration. I can, with any luck, turn that inspiration into something worth sharing! I need to take my camera out and take some photos as the leaves are changing colours, the fog rolls in and out, and everything's just looking quite pleasant.

For now, I put together a quick outfit (as you can see in the above photos!) with a new skirt from Front Row Shop, I usually go for fitted styles but am warming up to a-line skirts lately and adore this one. I paired it with a little crop top from Sirens, a simple patent belt, and my favourite heels.

I'm thinking of doing a short update post soon, either here or on my Tumblr, because even though I'm usually present to some degree on Tumblr, Twitter, and so on, I don't talk too much about what's actually going on in my day-to-day life. I'm a private person, so I'm always wary of over-sharing. I usually err on the side of saying less, particularly on the internet.

On another note, yesterday I put up a new makeup tutorial on my Youtube channel, inspired by Lana Del Rey. I'm also putting together a new little thrift haul video which should be up soon.



  1. I absolutely love this outfit. Very classy and beautiful. :)

    I just have a couple questions, if you're willing to answer them:

    1) I'm a big fan of the tan pantyhose - or "sheer tights", if you'd prefer. At least, it certainly looks like you're wearing some. Semantics aside, what brand and product are they? I've been trying to achieve that saturated look myself, and I would probably like to get a pair.

    2) Would you mind if I referenced your blog on other sites? In some instances, your sense of style is not a far cry from my own - I also love pencil skirts, a-line skirts, black pointed-toe suede stiletto heels, body-con dresses, and the like. Like yourself, I've been known to wear such attire on a fairly casual basis.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you, lovely!

      My favourite sheer tights are by Silks Hosiery, they hold up well and are light enough in colour to match my skin colour well. And I wouldn't mind if you referenced by blog on other sites, at all! X

  2. absolutely stunning!! you really do have a good eye for fashion, love everything about this outfit and especially the heels. been looking through your blog photo's and love the summer items you have featured. keep up the good work x