Black and Gold

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, I've taken to working in more glittery pieces into my outfits. (If you can't wear glitter at Christmastime, when can you?) I was going through my sock drawer (completely serious), and found a pair of socks with a metallic gold stripe around the ankle. So, I wondered, could an outfit be based around these?

I decided I'd match the gold stripe on the socks to an old thrifted sweater, except I'd forgotten how strange the sleeves and shoulders on this sweater are. Quick fix: Wear a blazer over it, then any strangeness is covered and it adds a tailored feel to the overall outfit. 

In hopes of eliminating the boxy feeling of the outfit, I chose to wear my high waisted black jeans from Suzy Shier. They've faded a bit by now and I had to replace the button, but they seeing as they were just $20 and I've gotten tonnes of wear out of them, I'm not too bothered. 

As for shoes, I didn't want too much of the socks showing, so I chose to wear an old pair of wedge boots from Aldo which left just my ankles exposed. And I popped on a pair of obnoxiously big heart-shaped hoop earrings -- I love classic, delicate jewellery, but I've always had a soft spot for those massive faux gold earrings. And since it's gotten far too cold to wear only a blazer, I wore my herringbone coat from Sirens.

So, I based an outfit around a pair of socks and, looking at it a few days later, I actually don't hate it. Swell.