Sugar Pink, Liquor Liquor Lips

This is an outfit I wore week or so ago, as you can probably tell it's one of my more casual looks. When I'm in a more casual mood, I like to do either some sort of creative look (such as this outfit), or a very simple, classic look (such as jeans and a cardigan).

In this look, I'm wearing my old thrifted high waist jeans, a thrifted translucent black top with velvet floral detailing, and my floral platform heels from Forever 21. My earrings are from Ardene, and my ring is an old one from Claire's. My lipstick is Revlon's Sweet Tart, and my nail polish is OPI's Greenwich Village.

I've never worn these platform heels much, but I really love them and they're incredibly easy to walk in (and they make me almost 6 foot!).