Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)

I wanted to do a little Christmas themed photoshoot this year, seeing as I mostly stick to simple outfit photos these days. I put my own little spin on it, and while I realise it's not the most festive outfit, I still like how these came out! The top is a Marilyn Monroe Intimate bodysuit, the skirt is thrifted, the heels are from Urban Behaviour, and the wig (which I loooove) is from abHair*. 

I hope you all have a very very very Merry Christmas!


Late Autumn

These are some photos I took a couple of weeks ago. 

The first is of some lovely treats mum made, and the rest are some outdoorsy ones from before it snowed.

Wild rose hips.
Rural Christmas tree.

Wrought iron.
Wild berries.
Birch leaves.
Side garden.
Mini daisies.
Blooming potato vine.
More mini daisies and dying flowers.

Dying daisy.

Christmas lights.
More birch leaves.

Shopping | Leopard and Lace

Recently, when I went through my wallet I realised that: 

1. It's in an even worse state than I'd realised and I've somehow managed to thoroughly wear out a leather wallet.

 2. Those gift cards from last Christmas are still in there, and it's almost Christmas again.

I also had (well, still have, partially) a credit from a neat little shop in town called Dots. And since I was downtown dropping off my bag to have the strap fixed, I thought I'd pop in. I picked up this new faux fur coat for $5.00. I had to do a double-take at the price tag, I couldn't believe how cheap it was as it's actually lovely! And I love faux fur and leopard print. They also had a stunning floor-length camel coat, but unfortunately not in my size.

Then, considering the gift card I've been hanging onto for nearly a year, I decided to drop by Sears, where it turned out there were having a massive pre-Christmas sale last week. I picked up a couple of pairs of lacy undies, a pair of Vanity Fair stockings, and a little Christmas gift -- all for $20!

And since The Bay and Sears are about 5 minutes apart in Victoria, I thought I'd pop in on my way home. I ended up picking up a couple of pairs of skin-tone hold-ups and a pair of back-seam tights on their pre-Christmas sale. I wish there were more options for sheer hosiery for super pale girls -- most 'Nude' shades are too tan for my skin and it looks ridiculous! I've had a pair of those exact back-seam tights once before... and snagged them the first time I wore them. Must be more careful this time. Hue tights are lovely lovely lovely, but usually a bit too pricey for me (unless I happen to have a gift card that I've forgotten about).

Priscilla Presley Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Priscilla Presley's hair and makeup, to me, epitomises 60s' glamour. I was recently asked to make a tutorial inspired by her and was a little indimidated by the task -- I don't usually experiment with my liner much and hers was incredible and perfectly done. 

So, here is my best attempt to recreate her iconic look!


Military Green and Glitter

Coat: Front Row Shop* | Dress: Vintage | Heels: Steve Madden
As soon as I received this coat in the post last week, I knew exactly how I wanted to style it. I took some inspiration from two outfits Marilyn Monroe wore during her trip to Korea. The first being the sequinned dress in which she performed and the second being the green military garb she wore during the tour -- I decided to try to combine the two looks and create my own outfit inspired by both.

I paired this lovely green trenchcoat from Front Row Shop with a vintage sequinned dress which I bought at a thrift shop years ago. I recently took in the dress so it would fit properly and I love how it turned out -- now I just need somewhere to wear it! I wore my favourite heels and decided to forgo accessories, as I didn't want to take any emphasis away from the glittering dresss.