Shopping | Leopard and Lace

Recently, when I went through my wallet I realised that: 

1. It's in an even worse state than I'd realised and I've somehow managed to thoroughly wear out a leather wallet.

 2. Those gift cards from last Christmas are still in there, and it's almost Christmas again.

I also had (well, still have, partially) a credit from a neat little shop in town called Dots. And since I was downtown dropping off my bag to have the strap fixed, I thought I'd pop in. I picked up this new faux fur coat for $5.00. I had to do a double-take at the price tag, I couldn't believe how cheap it was as it's actually lovely! And I love faux fur and leopard print. They also had a stunning floor-length camel coat, but unfortunately not in my size.

Then, considering the gift card I've been hanging onto for nearly a year, I decided to drop by Sears, where it turned out there were having a massive pre-Christmas sale last week. I picked up a couple of pairs of lacy undies, a pair of Vanity Fair stockings, and a little Christmas gift -- all for $20!

And since The Bay and Sears are about 5 minutes apart in Victoria, I thought I'd pop in on my way home. I ended up picking up a couple of pairs of skin-tone hold-ups and a pair of back-seam tights on their pre-Christmas sale. I wish there were more options for sheer hosiery for super pale girls -- most 'Nude' shades are too tan for my skin and it looks ridiculous! I've had a pair of those exact back-seam tights once before... and snagged them the first time I wore them. Must be more careful this time. Hue tights are lovely lovely lovely, but usually a bit too pricey for me (unless I happen to have a gift card that I've forgotten about).