Lady in Red

Dress C/O TBDress | Belt from Sirens | Steve Madden Pumps

I've realised that this blog, of late, has become very outfit-post-centric. This is mostly due to the fact that I've been getting ready to move house and have, to say the least, other things on my mind. But I'm hoping to get in a little more variety once I've moved and settled in. Until then, I have at least two more outfit posts upcoming, this being one of them!

I wrote a little while ago about how I was going to make a point to wear more skirts and dresses in 2014 -- I'm wearing a navy and white dotted mini skirt for the first time in ages as I write this! Most of my spring and summer dresses are several years old -- I've tended to gravitate towards autumn/winter styles more so and not shop much in the spring and summer. So, I've been keeping an eye out for a couple of new ones that look more like something someone my age would wear and less like something I would've worn at fifteen -- although there is a place for a few of those old ones, as well. When I came across this pretty little red dress, it somehow reminded me a bit of Kate Middleton (whose style I've admired for years!). I had originally planned to pair it with a vintage red belt and red pumps but ultimately felt it was too much red -- life isn't a Liberal Party convention. Instead, I opted for my black belt and pumps that have been seen here probably dozens of times at this point.