Strike another match, go start anew

It's been nearly a month now since moving house and I've not had much to say. On the internet, that is. In everyday life, on the other hand... I've had plenty to say, think about, and do. And let's just say that I've never related more to the lyric 'she's got dirty dishes on the brain' from Oasis's song Some Might Say.

The first night seemed especially strange. The thought that I couldn't ever go back swirled in my mind late that night as I shuffled boxes in my new bedroom.

I loved it there. I grew up there. It was home. The sometimes eccentric neighbours, smoky autumn weekends, and often intensely warm summers were all part and parcel. All part of what made it home. Leaving was difficult.

I suppose that's life. You can't always control circumstances, but you can choose the way in which you react to them. I really do believe that.

With that said, somewhere amidst the disarray that is moving house, a number of things became clearer to me. I now sometimes wonder how some of these things only ever crossed my mind in fleeting ways previously, and how I had missed some of them so completely.

One of the things I'm most curious about is how I'll look back at this point in my life. But for now, I'll be getting my life back together and sussing out my future plans near the ocean and ten minutes to the closest town.

While down at the beach recently, in search of an earring I had lost earlier in the day, an older fellow who was going for an afternoon stroll said hello. 'It's a gorgeous spot, isn't it?', he remarked. I agreed.