Pin me up or put me down

Shirt C/O SheInside | Thrifted Shorts | Steve Madden Pumps

I don't have many 'rules' in regards to fashion. The one I do tend to stick to, however, is to dress for the weather. In the summer, that means not wearing overtly summery clothes on cold days (lest I spend the day feeling half-frozen) and trying to take advantage of the rare warm, summery days by wearing summery clothes (or at least things that can't be worn on those cool days).

For this outfit, I paired a black button down shirt from SheInside with a pair of denim shorts that I've had since I was in high school (though I styled them a bit differently back then!). I decided to forgo accessories and opted for simple black pumps to achieve the minimalistic that I was going for.



  1. love the simplicity and beauty of this look! high waisted shorts are my favourite summer trend!

  2. This is such a beautiful and classic look. Your makeup also goes very well with it! I completely agree whenever it is a warm sunny day I do my best to wear my beast "it's hot outside" clothes that otherwise I would never be able to wear :)

  3. Sweet pictures and a great look - amazing! :)

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