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Crop Top C/O YesFor | Trousers from Urban Behaviour | Steve Madden Pumps | Sunglasses C/O YesFor

I'm very picky when it comes to crop tops and how to style them. In my personal experience, they have the ability to look cute as often as they look terribly unflattering. Seeing as this black turtleneck crop top is a really versatile little piece, I decided to pair it with black trousers, pumps, and cat-eye sunglasses.

Was feeling very creative that day, obviously.

I was going for a bit of a nineties inspired look which got me thinking a bit about how nineties fashion and beauty trends have made a comeback in the past few years and I've got a little theory on why I think this might be: 

Girls around my age are old enough to remember some of the popular trends of the nineties but were, for the most part, too young to try them out ourselves. Stuck in brightly coloured jumpers, baggy denim, and odd looking dresses made of questionably bad fabrics by our mums, we pined for the trendier things our old sisters and their girlfriends wore. Flash forward a decade or two and we're indulging in the trends that we missed out on by a few years the first time around. And the girls a bit older than myself get the chance to revisit some of the fashion and beauty trends that were their favourites several years ago, except this time the really awful stuff has been weeded out or toned down to acceptable levels. Think of Kylie Jenner's nineties influenced lipstick/liner combinations vs the original

Just a theory, though. 



  1. I think that theory is a good one. Fashion always happens in cycles and the early 90s were 20 years ago so it's about time for some of the trends to come back. I think you styled this crop top perfectly. Crop tops look so good with high waisted things. I hated when they were worn with hip huggers. Only 1% of the population could pull off that look!

    Jamie |

  2. I was wondering why so many of your older tutorials such as your eyebrow routine and so many others are now private? I would so love to be able to see them!

  3. i love this outfit. i know what you mean about crop tops! you've styled it really well. tanya x

  4. I was born in '93 and know exactly what you mean, just recently I've had the hankering to re-create the 90s look in my closet