Trench Coat C/O Chicwish | Top from Stitches | Thrifted Trousers | Matiko Pumps C/O Shopbop

I'm not entirely certain how to describe what sort of look I was going for with this outfit. It ended up a bit of a mish-mash, really. I had originally planned to style this red Chicwish coat with a pair of houndstooth leggings, but changed my mind upon seeing how that actually looked. Funny how sometimes things just look so much better in your head. I switched out the leggings for a pair of old thrifted trousers and opted for a cream sweater. And I wore a pair of suede Matiko pumps from Shopbop* and matched my lipstick to the trench. Not really worried about whether that last bit is a faux pas.

*Shopbop is currently (October 13th to 16th) having a 25% off promotion shop-wide, enter 'FAMILY 25' at the checkout!



  1. I really like this look! The pants look awesome on you and I'm loving that bright red coat. Everything looks very classic. And don't worry, I match my lipstick to various parts of my outfits too. It's hard not to sometimes!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

    1. Thank you! I've always had a tendency to match my lipstick to red tops, dresses, etc. Suppose it's really not too unusual! x

  2. The power of a red coat is always a fascinating thing to me, even more with matching lips!


  3. Beautiful look! The trousers are amazing.
    Have a nice day ♥

  4. Wow I absolutely love these trousers, they're a dream!!! X