Outfit | Fringe

It's been a little while since I've done an outfit post, but seeing as we're almost a full month into 2015, I thought one might be in order! While I used to love to dress up all the time, it's something I've gone off slightly in the past year or so, opting for more casual outfits instead. That said, I still don't own a pair of track pants and am not very fond of leggings.

For the past month or so, out of both laziness and how much I love them, I've been practically living in an old pair of Suzy Shier high waisted blue jeans. They fit almost perfectly, and even better when put in the dryer rather than over the banister to dry. In this outfit, I paired them with a sweater also from Suzy Shier that I've been hanging onto since 2009. 

But the most important part of this look, really, is the shoes. I'd been keeping an eye out for a new pair of boots this winter, though I wasn't entirely certain of what I was looking for. I knew I'd know them when I saw them but couldn't really describe what I actually wanted, you know? But while having a little browse of Shopbop's shoe section earlier this month, I stumbled upon the Neil boot by Joe's Jeans and realised I may have finally found them. 

I did a bit of 'research' on the sizing of Joe's Jeans shoes and boots and ultimately selected a size 7.5. I normally fit a 7.5 or 8, more often an 8, but having read that Joe's Jeans boots can run a little large, I decided to try the 7.5 and cross my fingers that they wouldn't be too small. Quite happily, they fit perfectly!

Most days in the late afternoon, I go for a little walk (about 1.5 - 2 kilometres), and have been wearing these boots most days without any discomfort, which is not something I can say about most of my shoes. They look fabulous and feel the same, fancy that! I've gotten a couple of odd looks, understandable as runners are far more ubiquitous here, but I'm really not too worried about that.