Outfit | Summer Denim

Thrifted Blouse | Skirt C/O SheIn

Back after a little absence with a simple, casual look. I've had a few things on my mind and occupying my hands, but we'll get to that in a minute. 

I bought this patterned blouse from a thrift shop a few months ago, and while it may not be made up of very summery colours, it's lovely and lightweight. Great for cool summer days, but will definitely need to layer something underneath it during the colder months. The skirt is from SheIn and is the first denim skirt I've had since I was in school. This one, however, is far nicer than any I had as a teenager. Anyone else recall those early and mid 2000s denim skirts with patches and embellishments and frayed hems and pleats and ugh??? Let's never go back there.

As for what's been on my mind -- I'm moving house at the end of July so I've been a little... distracted. All I will say is that it's been an interesting sixteen months here and sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.