Outfit | Early Autumn


re:named Trench Coat C/O Shopbop | Sweater from Sirens | Jeans from Suzy Shier | Boots from Payless

Sometimes you like an outfit so much that you wear it two days in a row. That's my excuse. Sometimes you just didn't bring anything else and suddenly Saturday is Sunday. That's a little closer to the truth. Not to get sidetracked...

For the past year or so, I've had a minor obsession with suede. It all began innocently last year with a vintage suede jacket. Flash forward to present day, and in addition to the coat featured in this post and the bra-top in the last one, I've been eyeing a fringed microsuede brown jacket. Trying to resist. I should note, however, I've been having little luck resisting temptation to do the it'd-be-fun-but-I-probably-shouldn't things lately. It does make life a little more fun, to be fair.

While browsing Shopbop's coats and jacket section recently, I spotted this lovely re:named microsuede trenchcoat. It immediately reminded me of those gorgeous trenchcoats from 60s and 70s. And it was suede, in a beautiful autumnal shade of camel. Very tempting, indeed.

 I've always thought that camel goes nicely with other classic colours. Black, white, cream, blue denim, and so on. And I've always particularly loved how cream and camel look together, so I opted for a cream sweater. In reality, it's a cardigan worn the wrong way round. It works with some cardigans, some not. Mostly depends on the cut and style.  

Now what to pair with these two pieces... for a moment, flared jeans seemed like a good idea. Then I remembered the damp grass and mud. Jeans that wouldn't drag on the ground suddenly seemed the better choice. To complete this casual look, I chose a pair of lace-up boots that I've been hanging onto since sometime in 2009. 

I had a casual, slightly retro look in mind. I chose the trench and sweater to add a bit of a 60s vibe and chose the skinny jeans and lace-up boots to add a more modern touch. I'm not sure whether it came through properly, but I was thinking something along the lines of 'If Kate Moss Lived in the 1960s'.

Finally, a big thank you to my friend Dave for shooting the photos seen here.