Outfit | On The Fringes

I vaguely remember ponchos being stylish when I was a kid. I had a light pink one from La Senza Girl. I hadn't owned one since until I bought a grey woollen one at a thrift shop last year. However, it's not yet left the closet.

The difference between that poncho and this camel poncho is weight and colour. The lightweight fabric creates more movement and feels less blankety. And the solid camel colour lends to a more chic look than grey wool fabric tends to do.

When wearing something very unstructured, I always like to pair it with something fitted. I don't like to feel swallowed up, so to speak, by drapey fabric. So I paired this poncho with black skinny jeans.

For accessories and shoes, I wore a pair of cheap gold hoops and my beloved fringed boots from last winter. It may be a faux pas to wear two fringed things at once, I'm not sure. I'm also not sure I really care.