Fashion Favourites | New Years Eve 2015

Deux Lux Glitter Clutch | Santi Flower Clutch | Santi Beaded Clutch | Rebecca Minkoff Glitter Clutch

Today is December 29th and I still haven't worked out what to wear on New Years Eve. It used to be that I'd always have a certain outfit picked out for any significant upcoming holidays and events. These days, I tend to leave it to the last minute. Very little pre-planning and fussing about. For Christmas this year, I paired my favourite and slightly raggedy blue jeans with a nice blouse. The thought of slipping into a sequinned mini dress, which would require readjustment every single time I stood up or sat down, seemed entirely unappealing.

New Years Eve, though. I think something glittery or sequinned is in order. A dress, a blouse, maybe that weird pair of sequinned leggings that I never wear and have had since I was a teenager but refuse to get rid of? Glittered heels? Sequinned blazer? Maybe put it all together and go for the 'disco ball' look? We'll see...

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