Noir et Blanc

Earings from Forever 21 | Faux Fur Coat C/O SheIn | Turtleneck from Urban Behaviour | Shorts from ASOS | Tights by Secret Hosiery


Velvet Blouse C/O Shein | Vintage Chain Belt | Jeans from Blank Denim


Sequin Jacket C/O SheIn | Vintage Scarf | Blank Denim Jeans


Earrings from Forever 21 | Vintage Satin Slip | Vintage Chain Belt | Gold Skirt C/O SheIn | Glitter Tights from Claire's

Silver September

Earrings from F21 | Blouse from Suzy Shier | Gold Chain Belt from Thrift Sho
 Floral Skirt from Thrift Shop | Metallic Platforms by Marc Jacobs C/O Shopbop

You Got The Silver

Silver Hoops from Claire's | Vintage Black and Silver Scarf | Sheepskin Vest from Winner

'How is it I haven't got anything else silver?' I wondered, sitting on the floor in front of my closet. A sequinned silver cocktail dress, a gold glittery pair of pumps I bought years ago for $5, a red sequinned cape, but nothing suitable to wear with a pair of Marc Jacobs silver platform heels a la Bianca Jagger circa 1973. 

Then I remembered a black and silver scarf that, like the burgundy slip I wore in another recent post once resided in my childhood dress up box, might just work. Rifling through the much too small basket in which I keep my scarves, I finally found it and pulled it out, hoping it might be long enough to wear as a top. Slung around my neck and crossed over, it had just enough length to comfortably tie at my back. 'That's the top sorted, then'.

But what to wear with it? Nothing revealing. A long, a-line black skirt? Too matronly. A tight black midi skirt? Too self conscious. Shorts? Never. After bit of a trying on, tossing aside, and repeating, I eventually settled on a pair of bell bottom jeans by Blank Denim. The silver and denim seeming to both suit one another and contrast one another appropriately.

Mixing a bit of silver and gold, I opted for big silver hoop earrings and a chunky gold chain necklace worn as a bracelet. I've been getting more into wearing jewellery and accessories lately. If only partly to distract from the state of my hair. As a finishing touch of sorts, I threw on a shaggy vest. Because, although it's summer, a little sheepskin never hurt anyone.


White Shift Dress C/O SheIn | Suede Pumps by Steve Madden

Pink 'n' Blue

Earrings from Forever 21Pink Sleeveless Top C/O SheIn | High Waisted Jeans by Levi's C/O Shopbop | Steve Madden Pumps

Taking inspiration from this photo of Cindy Crawford, I paired a pink sleeveless top with a pair of high waisted Levi's and black pumps.  And finished off the look with a pair of gold hoops from Forever 21 and big hair.

My motto is 'all skin tight, all the time'. Has been since I was sixteen.

Seaside Summertime

Bodysuit by Marilyn Monroe Intimates | Sling Back Sandals from H&M

Queen of Hearts


Heart Sunglasses by Wildfox C/O Shopbop | Earrings from Forever 21 | Vintage Satin Slip | Vintage Chain Belt | Vintage Floral Skirt | Vintage Pumps

'Does it look like I'm wearing someone's bedding?', I asked myself as I zipped up a previously unworn floral skirt that my mother bought in the late 1970s. I'm told it had a matching top that, unlike its skirt counterpart, did not survive the decades gone by. By the time I was pulling off the nearly forty year old price tags, I'd decided it didn't look like bedding, at least not enough to preclude wearing it on a sunny summer afternoon.

Having ruled out wearing it with black or white, black being too much of a contrast and having nothing suitable in white, I got creative. Whilst going through storage bins last summer, I came upon a box of dress up clothes from my childhood. Amongst the frilly dresses and silly accessories, I found an old burgundy slip and put it aside, momentarily revelling in the novelty of now being able to properly fit these old forgotten clothes. Then, this past week, standing half dressed in the bedroom and trying to figure out what to wear, it dawned on me that the colour of that old slip might match perfectly with the shades of dark red in previously mentioned skirt.

For shoes, I opted for another 'previously owned by mum' piece. A pair of low heels in a neutral cream colour from the late 70s. What with the skirt's big, bold pattern, I thought understated and classic shoes would be best.

As for accessories, I've actually gotten little more into wearing them recently. First, my gold chain belt which has made several appearances on this blog in recent months. Second, a pair of  1960s influenced dangling earrings from Forever 21.

And last (but certainly not least), a pair of Wildfox Lolita sunglasses. If I remember correctly, the first online purchase I ever made was for a pair of cheap red plastic heart shaped sunglasses when I was a teenager. Moving up in the world 'n' all that.

I'm a time traveller, didn't you know?


 Bodysuit C/O SheIn | Thrifted Gold Chain Belt | Thrifted Floral Skirt | Thrifted Handbag | Vintage Leather Pumps

Summer Dreams

Gold Hoop Earrings from Forever 21 | Vintage Floral Scarf | DL1961 Instaslim Jeans C/O Shopbop | Vintage Chain Necklace

For this summery 1960s inspired look, I paired a vintage floral scarf in vibrant shades of orange and yellow with a pair of DL1961 high waisted blue jeans. I always have a look through the scarves when thrifting, the larger ones can make for lovely sarongs and tops during the warmer months. And the jeans immediately caught my eye, the fit and colour reminding me of a pair I had years ago. Still have, actually, though they've seen far better days. For accessories, I opted for gold hoop earrings and an old chain necklace worn as a bracelet.

Summer has arrived on the island and not a minute too soon.

Velvet and Gold

Vintage Suede Jacket | Blouse from Suzy Shier | Vintage Chain Belt | Velvet Bell Bottoms C/O Shopbop | Steve Madden Suede Pumps

During Shopbop’s recent sale, I was having a little browse when I came across a pair of velvet bell bottoms. On sale for under $20. Could not help myself. Kind of wish it was Christmastime so I could wear them everyday.

 For a 1970s inspired look, I paired them with a blouse tied at the waist and an old suede jacket. Otherwise, I opted for simple black pumps and a gold chain belt I recently found at the church thrift shop nearby. It was $2. Just a little obsessed with it.

Blue Jean

 Blouse from Suzy Shier | High Waisted Jeans by Levi's C/O Shopbop

This is the kind of outfit I will never get tired of. Effortless, classic, can be dressed up or dressed down. It makes me feel put together without feeling overdressed and that’s just what I need some days. Because even if you’ve not got it all together, sometimes it can help to dress the part and pretend. 

I posted a similar look back in November as winter approached – going for a retro inspired look complete with bell bottom jeans, faux fur coat, and cowboy boots. Now, as we’re getting into spring, I’ve tentatively put away the faux fur and boots. Tentatively. Because no matter how much I’d prefer it to be bikini weather from here on out, I’ve a feeling we’ve still got a cold day or two left before spring fully kicks into gear.

For this look, I wore same shirt as in that November post but this time, rather than bell bottoms, I opted for a pair of 721 Levi’s. The wash of the jeans, called Cerulean Valley, is perfect for this time of year. While I love dark wash denim, I think it’s always nice to have a lighter, slightly brighter option during the spring and summer.

Fashion Favourites | Sandals and Sunglasses

Wildfox Lolita Sunglasses / Le Specs Flashy Sunglasses / Le Specs Savanna Sunglasses / Le Specs Half Moon Magic Sunglasses 

Being that we've only just gotten into April, I may be getting a little ahead of myself… but with the weather we’ve been having recently, it’s hard to not to daydream, at least a little, about summertime.

P.S. Shopbop is currently holding their Friends & Family Event! Use INTHEFAM for 25% off full price and sale items until 7 April 2016 at 11:59pm PDT.  A fabulous opportunity to pick up something new for spring. Click here to find out more!


Dress C/O SheIn | Jacket C/O Chicwish | Thrifted Belt | Secret Sheer Tights | Steve Madden Pumps

Little black dresses, like trench coats, blue jeans and other classic pieces of clothing, may change slightly over the years but will never really go out of fashion. There really is one that suits almost everyone’s tastes and personal sense of style. 

Some are a little flashy with embellishments, sequins, or beads. And some are more simple and versatile, like this one from SheIn. I prefer the latter, myself. Because it doesn't stand out too much on its own, it leaves plenty of room for you to style it according to your personal style by what you wear with it. I went with black pumps, sheer black tights, a leather belt in a contrasting colour, and a loose fitting army green jacket. 

I hadn’t had a reason to really dress up recently, so I spent a little more time than usual fussing over how to style this dress. A few years ago, I would’ve gone for all black accessories and red lipstick would’ve been a given. I’m still fond of all black, even if I don’t wear it nearly as often as I used to. Red lipstick, though... I keep putting on red lipstick only to wipe it off and apply something more neutral instead. Old habits die hard. I should really get around to changing the name of this blog.

Bell Bottom Blues

 Hoop Earrings from Forever 21 | Blouse from Suzy Shier | Thrifted Leather Belt | Bell Bottom Jeans by Mother C/O Shopbop | Steve Madden Pumps

In the interest of being totally upfront, I’ll admit that I’ve spent the past half hour trying to figure out what to write to go along with the photos above. You'd think after a few years of writing these posts, you would get a handle on it. You would think.

The most annoying part is probably that I can sit down and write pages and pages about other things -- thoughts, feelings, memories, and so on. And I do. The quality of such writing can be a bit dodgey from time to time, but that's why there's a backspace button. But when it comes to writing these posts, half the time, my mind is like an empty warehouse. And yes, that was a very little reference to Bowie's Five Years, except he had too much to say while I've got tumble weeds rolling around.

I’ve always been more of a visual person when it comes to style, fashion, makeup, and whatnot. I enjoy it. I think I’m okay at doing it. Shit at writing about it, though. How many times can you write variants of ‘I paired up X with X for an X kind of look’ before losing your mind?

Maybe I just need to take a different approach of some kind.

So, what can be written about an outfit like the one in the photos above?

The blouse is an old one from Suzy Shier. I've loved crossover style blouses for ages. I think they look feminine without being too girly, sexy without being too over the top. A kind of perfect in between. The jeans are by Mother Denim and feature a raw hem. I don't usually go for pre-distressed jeans, preferring to do it myself through natural wear and tear, but I feel differently about raw hems. To me, there's a difference between buying a pair of unhemmed jeans and buying a pair of practically shredded 'aren't your legs cold?' jeans. The belt is, like I said, a thrift shop find. The pumps are an older style by Steve Madden. And the hoop earrings are from Forever 21, one of my favourite places for cheap jewellery.

Another thing that could be said is that I need to carefully trim off a few inches from the length of those jeans. While I love how it feels to wear bell bottoms with pumps, it’s just not practical to be walking around on about 4 inches of extra fabric the rest of the time. Still, I’m tempted to wear them out with pumps once more before taking the scissors to them...

Overall, I was going for a 1970s influenced, effortless and casual but still slightly glamorous look. In my mind, there are two distinct kinds of glamourous seventies looks. There's the kind of glamour Jerry Hall and Bianca Jagger epitomised. And then there's glam, the kind of glamour Marc Bolan and David Bowie used to break the rules. This time, I was thinking more along the lines of the former. But that’s not to say I’m not down with sequins and glitter. There’s a time and place for everything.

P.S. Shopbop, one of my favourite online shops that I collaborate with on this blog is holding their first big sale of the year. The spring sale begins today, running until 11:59pm on 5 March. Perfect for group purchases, with big discounts available dependant on your total, or just doing a bit of spring shopping as there currently are thousands of items on sale. Click here for more information.