There’s not all that much to write about a look like this one. It's the kind of outfit I wear most days. Casual and comfortable, but not completely boring. That's what I tend to go for.

I paired a black lattice lace-up bodysuit with my oldest favourite jeans. I think I’ve mentioned them before, and the state they’re in. I should really just retire them. In reality, I’ll probably wear them until the fabric gives, being it’s what happened to my last favourite pair. I haven’t gotten my money out of jeans until I’ve accidentally ripped off and resewn the belt loops a few times and the fabric on the bum is about as thin as cheesecloth.

But enough about my raggedy, tatty jeans, the bodysuit! I love the retro feel of this bodysuit. I've been seeing lattice tops everywhere recently, so I'm assuming they're definitely A Thing at the moment. I don't really follows trends, but I certainly don't complain when something I like becomes readily available in all different colours and kinds...

While I was taking the photos for this post, my bedroom being cold as it ever is, it seemed like an idea to throw on my faux fur coat from last winter. I love faux fur coats, but I do sometimes feel they can look a little ostentatious. I think I’ve worn this one around the house to keep warm this winter more than anywhere else. Ostentatious or not, faux fur definitely works well for that.