Dressing Gown by Only Hearts Lingerie C/O Shopbop | Trousers from Urban Behaviour | Steve Madden Pumps
When is a blouse not a blouse? When it’s a skimpy dressing gown masquerading as a blouse. Sometimes something comes along that's too good to be kept in the bedroom. This was one of those times. Gorgeous rose print burnout velvet deserves better than to be worn only to laze around in on a Saturday morning.

For a Kate Moss inspired, chic-but-with-a-bit-of-an-edge kind of look, I paired this dressing gown by Only Hearts Lingerie with high waisted black trousers and classic suede heels. And In keeping with the ‘lingerie as outerwear’ theme, I opted to wear a black lace mini slip underneath. After all, Only Hearts Lingerie’s slogan is 'for the shameless romantic to be worn anytime, anywhere'. Not that I really needed any encouragement.

Now, theoretically (yes, 'theoretically'...), you could wear an outfit like this on a night out, get home late, ditch the trousers and pumps, take off your makeup and wash your face (we're not complete savages), and fall into bed. Get up the next day, get yourself sorted out, throw the dressing gown back on with a t-shirt, flares, and flats and go. Wouldn't you wear a velvet dressing gown to a Saturday morning farmer's market? I would. Then again, I can recall wearing these heels to the grocery store one time a few years ago. That, actually, I probably wouldn't do that today. Probably.