Blue Jean

 Blouse from Suzy Shier | High Waisted Jeans by Levi's C/O Shopbop

This is the kind of outfit I will never get tired of. Effortless, classic, can be dressed up or dressed down. It makes me feel put together without feeling overdressed and that’s just what I need some days. Because even if you’ve not got it all together, sometimes it can help to dress the part and pretend. 

I posted a similar look back in November as winter approached – going for a retro inspired look complete with bell bottom jeans, faux fur coat, and cowboy boots. Now, as we’re getting into spring, I’ve tentatively put away the faux fur and boots. Tentatively. Because no matter how much I’d prefer it to be bikini weather from here on out, I’ve a feeling we’ve still got a cold day or two left before spring fully kicks into gear.

For this look, I wore same shirt as in that November post but this time, rather than bell bottoms, I opted for a pair of 721 Levi’s. The wash of the jeans, called Cerulean Valley, is perfect for this time of year. While I love dark wash denim, I think it’s always nice to have a lighter, slightly brighter option during the spring and summer.


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