You Got The Silver

Silver Hoops from Claire's | Vintage Black and Silver Scarf | Sheepskin Vest from Winner

'How is it I haven't got anything else silver?' I wondered, sitting on the floor in front of my closet. A sequinned silver cocktail dress, a gold glittery pair of pumps I bought years ago for $5, a red sequinned cape, but nothing suitable to wear with a pair of Marc Jacobs silver platform heels a la Bianca Jagger circa 1973. 

Then I remembered a black and silver scarf that, like the burgundy slip I wore in another recent post once resided in my childhood dress up box, might just work. Rifling through the much too small basket in which I keep my scarves, I finally found it and pulled it out, hoping it might be long enough to wear as a top. Slung around my neck and crossed over, it had just enough length to comfortably tie at my back. 'That's the top sorted, then'.

But what to wear with it? Nothing revealing. A long, a-line black skirt? Too matronly. A tight black midi skirt? Too self conscious. Shorts? Never. After bit of a trying on, tossing aside, and repeating, I eventually settled on a pair of bell bottom jeans by Blank Denim. The silver and denim seeming to both suit one another and contrast one another appropriately.

Mixing a bit of silver and gold, I opted for big silver hoop earrings and a chunky gold chain necklace worn as a bracelet. I've been getting more into wearing jewellery and accessories lately. If only partly to distract from the state of my hair. As a finishing touch of sorts, I threw on a shaggy vest. Because, although it's summer, a little sheepskin never hurt anyone.